Asia–Pacific Championship 2012 - Results

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ADCC Asia – Pacific World Qualifying Trials
November 3rd - 4th
SM Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines


Under 65.9 kg
Gold – Robert Sabaruddin(Machado Australia)
Silver – Jonathan  Sumogot – (Kamphuis Fabricio Philippines)
Bronze – Insook Oh – (Tozi Team Korea)

Under 76.9 kg
Gold – Youngnam Noh(Tozi Team Korea)
Silver – Bernardo Magalhaes – (TP Gym Australia)
Bronze – Ben Aldridge – (Fight Gym Manly – New Zealand)

Under 87.9 kg
Gold – Doorwang Jeon(Tozi Team Korea)
Silver – Hansel Co – (Peter De Been Australia)
Bronze – Neil Fereira – (Kamphuis Fabricio Philippines)

Under 98.9 kg
Gold – Alan Drueco – (Kamphuis Fabricio Philippines)
Silver – Casey Cruz – (Kamphuis Fabricio Philippines)
Bronze – Frederick Rodriquez – (Deftac Ribero Philippines)

Over 99 kg
Gold – Michael Wilson(Peter de Bean Australia)
Silver – Grant Nolan – (Ludas House Australiua)
Bronze –  Marcus Valda – (Deftac Ribero Philippines)


Female Advanced Under 52.0 kg.
Gold: Caroline Anthony – (BJJ Borneo)

Female Advanced Over 52.0 kg.
Gold: Annie Ramirez – (John Baylon)

ADCC Asia - Pacific Championship
November 3rd - 4th
SM Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines


Beginner’s Female Under 52.0 kg.
Gold: Fazi Abas – (BJJ Borneo Malaysia)
Silver: Ivy Alcala – (Kamphuis Fabricio)

Beginner’s Female Under 58.0 kg.
Gold: Angie Bartholomew – (BJJ Borneo Malaysia)
Silver: Cookie Pido – (Origin BJJ)

Male Master’s Beginners Under 76.9 kg.
Gold: Jerry Legazpi – (Kamphuis Fabricio)
Silver: Jumat Lias Mansor – (BJJ Borneo Malaysia)

Beginner’s Female Over 58.0 kg.
Gold: Jasmine Cuizon – (Deftac Ribeiro)
Silver: Jonna Baquillas –(Kamphuis Fabricio)


Male Master’s Beginners Under 65.9 kg.
Gold: Kiung Jung – (Kamphuis Fabricio)


Beginner’s Male Under 60.0 kg.
Gold: Jonathan Sumogat(Kamphuis Fabricio Davao)
Silver: James Osete – (Hevtek Ancheta JJ)
Bronze: Tariq Saleh – (Atos)

Beginner’s Male Under 65.0 kg.
Gold: Michael Lim(Kamphuis Fabricio Davao)
Silver: Martin Dela Paz – (Deftac Ribeiro)
Bronze: Jose Padilla Jr. – (Pages Brothers BJJ)

Beginner’s Male Under 70.0 kg.
Gold: Alcer Lozada – (Kamphuis Fabricio)
Silver: Marc Lim – (Kamphuis Fabricio Davao)
Bronze: Franco Rulloda – (Deftac Ribeiro)

Beginner’s Male Under 76.0 kg.
Gold: Jerry Legaspi – (Kamphuis Fabricio)
Silver: Lorenzo Ayco – (Pages Brothers BJJ)
Bronze: Harvey Navarro – (Kamphuis Fabricio)

Beginner’s Male Under 83.0 kg.
Gold: PJ Smith – (BJJ Borneo
Silver: Marcelito Guevarra – (K-Zone MMA Valenzuela)
Bronze: Charles Platon – (Kamphuis Fabricio)

Beginner’s Male Under 91.0 kg.
Gold: Gilbert Ombao(Kamphuis Fabricio)
Silver: Alireza Zaee_ou – (Deftac Ribeiro)
Bronze: Michael Turner – (Ludus House MMA)

Beginner’s Male Under 100.0 kg.
Gold: Awkuso Ma_ti – (Gracie Sydney)
Silver: Dokyun Yun – (Kamphuis Fabricio)
Bronze: Michael Mejia – (Kamphuis Fabricio)

Beginner’s Male Over 100.0 kg.
Gold: Nicholas Ooi – (Evolve MMA-Singapore)
Silver: Chris Cortez – (Kamphuis Fabricio)

Beginner’s Male ABSOLUTE
Gold: Tariq Saleh – (Atos)
Silver: Peter Shua – (Machado Australia)
Bronze: Alcer Lozada – (Kamphuis Fabricio)
Bronze: Aristotle Sayas – (Deftac)

Male Master’s Beginners Under 87.9 kg.
Gold: Kim Kook(Ilsan Team Max)
Silver: Hyunsu Choi – (Kamphuis Fabricio Korea)
Bronze: Darryl Robbins – (Ludus House MMA)

Male Master’s Beginners Under 88.9 kg.
Gold: Dokyun Yun – (Kamphuis Fabricio Korea)
Silver: Michael Mejia – (Kamphuis Fabricio)


Male Master’s Advanced Under 76.9 kg.
Gold: John Baylon - (John Baylon)

Male Master’s Advanced Under 87.9 kg.
Gold: Andy Wang – (Taiwan BJJ)
Silver: Erwin Marinas – (Kamphuis Fabricio)

Gold: Andy Wang – (Flow MMA)
Silver: Glen Ranillo – (Team Insider)
Bronze: Marcus Valda – (Deftac Ribeiro)


Junior’s Under 60.0 kg.
Gold: Herbert Locre – (Kamphuis Fabricio)

Junior’s Under 65.0 kg.
Gold: Michael Lim – (Kamphuis Fabricio)
Silver: Matthew Araneta – (Kamphuis Fabricio)

Junior’s Under 76.0 kg.
Gold: Harvey Navarro – (Kamphuis Fabricio)
Silver: Pablo Buenaventura – (Kamphuis Fabricio)
Bronze: Nino Mondejar – (Kamphuis Fabricio)

Junior’s Under 70.0 kg.
Gold: Marc Lim – (Kamphuis Fabricio)

Junior’s Over 83.0 kg.
Gold: Nicholas Coi – (Evolve MMA Singapore)

Organized by: ADCC Philippines, KMA Fitness and Martial Arts, Co presented by SM Mall of Asia, ADCC Federation