Brian Olsen Talks for the First Time Publicly to ADCC News

Written by: Arias Garcia Jr.

On Friday, May 5, 2006, Brian Olsen was planning to show the critics that he was going to be a force in America at the heavyweight division. In what was supposed to be a night where his dream would come true, turned into a nightmare as Olsen would be awarded the disqualification victory after his opponent, Mike Kyle, illegally knocked him out and continued to assault the unconscious fighter at WEC 20: Cinco de Mayhem. The injuries have left Olsen time to think if his battle in the cage is done and his war in court may just be starting. Here is what Olsen had to tell ADCC News. ADCC: Brian before we talk about last weekend, let?s talk about how you got to this point. You were once the heavyweight champion of Kipp Kollar?s Reality Fighting. Why have you never defended that title? BRIAN: All I can say is that I have never been asked to defend my title. I contacted the matchmaker numerous times to set up a title defense but nothing ever developed. Don?t let anyone from that organization tell you that I turned down a fight or tried to duck anyone. I guess being from Connecticut, I was not a popular fighter in New Jersey. So basically there was no hurry to get me a fight. ADCC: Leading to the fight with Mike Kyle, you were 5-1 and coming off a victory in the WEC over Lavar Johnson in January of 2006. How confident were you leading up to this fight? BRIAN: I was pretty confident. I knew Kyle had a weakness against the takedown, can easily be taken out of his game, and did not strike well against southpaws. ADCC: Before the foul, explain to the people who didn?t see the fight how it was going. BRIAN: When the fight first started I caught him with a left, which surprised me. We ended up in a clinch, he got the takedown and during a scramble he got my back and sunk in a rear naked choke. It was pretty tight but I kept adjusting position to create an angle. I did actually think about tapping, but I finally slipped a hand in and reversed him. Honestly, I believe he was oiled or greased up and that actually helped me escape. Trust me, it wasn?t sweat. We got back to our feet and I nailed him with a hard left that sent him stumbling back into the cage. I locked him up and took him down. He gave me his back and I did something I never do, actually go for a submission. I jumped on his back and went for the rear naked choke. His popped his hips up and I did a forward roll over his back. I was on my back and then rolled to my stomach on all fours. Since he was already on his feet when he popped up, it gave him perfect timing to set up the illegal kick to the face. ADCC: There were actually two fouls that occurred by Kyle, one was the illegal kick to a downed opponent, and then he continued to strike you while you were unconscious. Herb Dean, a referee who wasn?t reffing your fight, had to come in and help the other referee get him off you. What do you have to say to a promoter that is looking to book Mike Kyle to fight? BRIAN: You are only creating problems by booking Mike Kyle. He has solidified his position as the dirtiest fighter in the world. Who is to say he would not do this again.ADCC: What injuries did you suffer due to the illegal actions of Mike Kyle? BRIAN: I have fractured the zygomatic and maxillary bones on the left side of my face. I also broke my nose and ruptured a sinus cavity in my nose. I saw a specialist today and he told me from the position of the fractures and injuries, it was the result of more than one hit. Basically some of the injuries occurred after the kick when he was punching me in the face. ADCC: Some fans think of Kyle as a dirty fighter. Why risk a fight with him in the first place? BRIAN: I knew he was dirty from hitting in the groin and stuff but didn?t think he would do what he did to me. I wanted to fight a tough fighter, get a win and solidify my position as a top heavyweight in America. ADCC: During a post fight interview, Mike Kyle said that he apologized to you and you shook his hands. According to him you didn?t take it personal. Now that you have a few days to think about it, how do you feel now and what would you say to Mike Kyle if you had a chance to speak to him? BRIAN: I remember he did apologize but I was on a stretcher going to hospital with blood pouring out of my nose. I didn?t really take it too personal because I really wasn?t registering what was going on. I just wanted to go to the hospital to get checked out. At that point in time, I had no idea he continued to pound on me after the kick. If I saw him, I would tell him he is not a professional fighter and to give up fighting. If he can?t legitimately beat a science teacher who fights as a hobby, how could he fight in Pride? Give me a break. He should just quit, go back to his hometown and pretend to be tough. ADCC: Also in that interview he eluded to a fight he is going to have with Jimmy Ambriz in a month with the WEC. How does it feel that you may never fight again but yet he gets another shot? BRIAN: I don?t think WEC will give him a chance to fight again. The California Athletic Commission was there to observe the fight and with what Mike Kyle pulled, I think the WEC is probably pissed off. ADCC: Before the fight, Kyle also alluded to some trash talking between him and your camp. Was there bad blood with you guys before the fight even started? BRIAN: I don?t have a camp. I came from Connecticut with my trainer Darryl MarcAurele and our second cornerman. If there was any trash talking, it was probably people who just hated Mike Kyle to begin with. ADCC: Is there any legal action you can pursue against Kyle or the WEC? BRIAN: I have nothing against the WEC, they have treated me great as a fighter. This all falls on Mike Kyle and his blatant actions against the rules. After my surgery, I will consider any legal action possible that I can pursue against Kyle and anyone associated with him being a fighter. ADCC: On June 3rd, 2006 you were scheduled to fight Chad Bartlett at MFC 7: USA vs. Russia III. Is that bout now off and do you think you will ever fight again? BRIAN: That fight is off and after my surgery I will have plates and screws in my face permanently. I have along way to recover and consider my fight career over. ADCC: Anything to say to your fans or sponsors? BRIAN: I would like thank Full Contact Fighter for sponsoring me for this fight. It was my first sponsor and I was hoping to represent them more. I would also like to thank Darryl MarcAurele and the Strike Zone for helping me train. We wish Brian Olsen speedy recovery and the best of luck in the anything that you pursue.

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