Written by: ADCC NEWS

NEW GENERATION TOURNAMENT is at its second edition and has the belief and the willing to become an estabilished mma event in Italy and Europe. The event will take place in Gaggiano (Milan area) on March the 25th. All the fighters will have a very good exposure and the chance to get always new fighting opportunities. Many of the fighters who fought at the first event have fought in Cage Rage, Cagewarriors and UWC. The event is orienteed to young and promising fighters, but also to well recognized fighters coming from all over around. The more experienced fighters will compete under Pride rules (2 rounds first 10 min second 5 min), while the less experienced will fight 2 rounds of 5 min with no kicks or knees to the head when the opponent is on the ground). NEW GENERATION TOURNAMENT II is proud to announce the presence of: Pat 'Gori-Chan' Ayuyun, 80 kg, from Japan, Team Purebred Omiya Enson Inoue Jordy Peute, -65 kg, from Holland, Team Remco Pardoel David Haagsma, 92 kg, from Holland, Team Remco Pardoel There will be also a small french representative of Mathieu Nicourt's fighters. At the end of the day we will have fighters from Italy, Japan, USA, Holland, France and UK. Soon the line up of the event and....Enson Inoue, Remco Pardoel and Mathieu Nicourt will be at the show! Great news for the italian MMA community. We are moving up. Infos on or