Marcelo Garcia Launches Revolutionary Online Training System!

Written by: ADCC NEWS

There has never been a grappling program likethis. Elite martial artists have always kept secrets tothemselves and their top students. If you buy instructional DVD's you often seefancy second and third tier techniques that keep the critical subtleties andcurrent A-game hidden. If you are among the few fortunate grapplers who attenda school of one of the greats, techniques are taught to the class, sometimesrefinements are made, and it is usually up to the student to put months andyears of material together into a repertoire. Now things have changed.The windows into the laboratory of one of greatest grapplers in history arewide open, and you can easily navigate and study the material with the help ofa groundbreaking database system drawn from elitechess training.

Be part of Marcelo Garcia's 25 West 36th street New York City BJJAcademy from anywhere in the world, as the 3-times Mundialsand 3-times ADCC Champion trains himselfand his students for worldclass competition.
You can register Here any time.
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Watch Marcelo evolve his cutting edge arsenal, while he teaches androlls every night. Each lesson and sparring session is brokendown into multiple sub-themes, all interconnected in a growing database,allowing for navigation back and forth between theory and practice.

This revolutionary online BJJ and Submission Grappling training program isdesigned by 8-time National Chess Champion, 2-time Tai Chi Push Hands WorldChampion, BJJ brown belt, and author of The Art of Learning,Josh Waitzkin.
The vast majority of great grapplers talk about the parallels between BJJ andchess--now you can combine full access to the laboratory of the greatestgrappler on the planet with the no-nonsense toolsof elite chess training for just $25/month!

You can cruise around and watch somevideos for free before signing up, so check it out—thereis already a ton of incredible footage up, and new material will be uploadednightly.
In a nutshell, this is how the site works:

For every position, sweep, guard pass, escape, transition, and submission that youwant to explore, you can immediately see how many related instructionals(Marcelo teaching the details of this technique in class), techniques(examples of Marcelo using it while rolling) and sparringsessions are available. The idea is to give the user animmediate statistical snapshot of Marcelo's gameplan from every position heencounters—and then you can dive as deeply into the subtletiesas you want.
So let's say you want to refine your guillotine. Allit takes is searching in the database, and you can watch Marcelo teaching thesubmission and applying it over and over while rolling—and hegets it from ankle picks, side control, transitions, seated guard, the mount,everywhere. So let's say you like his guillotine from the mount and want toexplore the rest of his mount game—one click and you can see 54examples (that number is growing fast!), all categorized, of Marcelotransitioning to the mount and submitting from the mount withhis new spiral armbar, mounted triangle, etc. If this exploration leads tocuriosity about the nuances of his mounted triangle, oneclick and you can watch Marcelo teach it in detail. Whether youwant to begin each MGInAction session researching a specific technique,watching Marcelo roll, or studying Marcelo's lessons, this is a highly flexiblesystem that will allow you to build and deepen your game layer by layer.
Check out this incredible program at The monthlymembership fee is just $25 (a ridiculously low price,considering there are already 40 detailed instructionals, 199techniques, and 81 full sparring sessionsincluding Marcelo's 2009 ADCC training camp—with new techniques,instructionals, and sparring sessions going up nightly). If you use the promocode “OTM!!!” in the next 72 hours you can get annualmembership for just $229!
Visit now and your approach totraining will never be the same!