VALKYRIE 04 - 02/11/2010: V Hajime Shocked Yuka Tsuji Capturing the Valkyrie Title!

Written by: Shu Hirata

(V Hajime made a pro debut just three years ago and now she hascaptured the Valkyrie title)

Her pro MMA Record was 23-1. The only loss was against a Brazilian.

One of the women who has been a major "pulling force" of Japanesewomen's MMA, Yuka Tsuji, finally lost to an another Japanese fighter.

The fighter who defeated her was V Hajime, who just turned professional threeyears ago.

By sprawling out of Tsuji's shoot, acquired at the wrestling powerhouse ChuoUniversity wrestling team, V Hajime convincingly won the fight.

Yuka and Hajime met once back in 2008 and Yuka won that fight by a decision sosome predicted a long fight but this battle was decided very quickly, and theresult has changed the history of Japanese women's MMA.

Right off the bat Hajime came forward with punches. Yuka shot in, pushedtowards the cage, and took Hajime down to the ground. However, Yuka couldn'thold on to her and Hajime stood up very quickly landing a right straight to theface.

When Hajime closed in with punches, Yuka shot in again, but this time, Hajimesprawled, then wrapped her arm around Yuka's neck, then quickly got the back.From there Hajime snapped on a rear choke while in a standing position,eventually pulling Yuka to the ground and finishing the Valkyrie featherweightchamp with a rear naked choke.

For years, Japanese women's MMA fans considered Yuka as an "AbsoluteChamp" so this ending was shocking and the crowd at Differ Ariakecertainly reacted in that manner. While V Hajime was circling around inside thecage with joy, a stunned Yuka was sitting on the mat for a while lookingsomewhere far ahead.

In the cage, Hajime told the fans, "Before this fight, my supporters toldme, 'I don't want to see you lose the fight' and that gave a push to mymotivation and I just couldn't lose this fight. But this motivation wastriggered by the existence of a great fighter like Tusji-sna so I respect hertremendously."

Back stage, Yuka spoke with the reporters, "It just finished before I evenrealized what happened. From now little by little I will start feeling regret,and till the next fight, I am going to be feeling like that, and when I thinkabout that, I am feeling depressed. Of course I am not thinking about quittingor anything. But when I look back, maybe I was taking her lightly. In training,I spar with stronger fighters, so I don't think I prepared wrong. But by losingI think this was a good experience. When I lost to Ana (Michelle Tavares) Icame back stronger so definitely I don't want it to end here"

Thursday, February 11th, 2010
At Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan

Complete Results:

Women's Featherweight (52.5 kg)Championship 5 min / 3R
Yuka Tsuji (Japan / MMA Angura) vs. V Hajime (Japan / MAX Jiujitsu Academy& Yoga Studio)

Winner: 1R 1'14" V Hajime bySubmission (rear naked choke)

Women's Flyweight (45.4 kg) Tournament Semi-final 3 min / 3R
Naoko Omuro (Japan / Wajiutsu Keishukai Tokyo Headquarters) vs. Yuko Takagi(Japan /  MMA Angura)

Winner: 3R Naoko Omuro by Decision(3-0)

Women's Flyweight (45.4 kg) Tournament Semi-Final 3 min / 3R
Ikuko Tamada (Japan / AACC) vs. Happy Fukuko (Japan /  MMA DojoCobra-kai)

Winner: 3R Ikuko Tamada by Decision(3-0)

Women's Featherweight Bout 3 min / 3R
WINDY Tomomi (Japan / Pancrase-ism) vs. Masako Yoshida (Japan / Freelance)

Winner: 3R WINDY Tomomi by Decision(3-0)

Women's Welterweight Bout 3 min / 3R
Rin Nakai (Japan / Shooto Dojo Shikoku) vs. Mizuho Sato (Japan / Freelance)

Winner: 3R 1'50" Rin Nakai bySubmission (kimura)

Women's Featherweight (52.2 kg) Bout 5 min / 3R
Hiroko Kitamura  (Japan / Karate-do Zendo-kai Koganei Dojo) vs. Sakura(Japan / Wajiutsu Keishukai Tokyo Headquarters)

Winner: 2R 2'57" HirokoKitamura by TKO (referee stoppage - punches on the ground)

Women's Bantamweight (48.5 kg) Bout 5 min / 3R
Mamiko Mizuguchi (Japan / ALLIANCE) vs. Megumi Morioka (Japan / WajiutsuKeishukai Iwate Branch)

Winner: 1R 1'27" Megumi Moriokaby TKO (referee stoppage - punches from the mount position)


Report and photo by Yoshinori Ihara

V Hajime finished the Valkyrie champ with this rear naked choke
Right after the finish, V Hajime was running circles with joy while Yuka Tsuji sat on the canvass stunned and didn't react for awhile