UFN - 03/31/2010: Low TV Rating in Japan Even with Florian vs Gomi as a Headliner

Written by: Shu Hirata
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TV Tokyo finally televised "UFC Fight Night 21: Florian- Gomi" on April 8th in Japan.

It was on for two hours starting at 10:00 pm.

Eiji Tateishi, the Deputy Director of TV Tokyo stated "a TV rating of 10%is our goal" at the press conference last month, and according to oursource, Dentsu, the ad agency that is involved in the deal, had a realisticgoal of "7% rating" however the result was less than what they hadexpected.

According to TV Nielsen rating, UFC Fight Night 21 scored only 4.0% and that isthe lowest rating among all the other national programs in the same time slot.

Here are the TV ratings of the all shows televised by the Japanese nationalstations at 10:00 pm, on April 8th, 2010.

NHK - Minna de Nihon GO (Everyone's Japanese) - 4.9%
NTV - Anata no Myoji SHOW (You Family Name-Show) - 13.7%
TBS - Bakusho Mondai & Summer's The Crazy Talk - 8.0%
CX - Mosimo (If) - 11.3%
EX - Hodo Station (News Station) - 14.4%
TX - UFC Fight Night 21 - 4.0%

At this time of the season, many stations do air special programs so manyindustry experts did predict a "difficult campaign" to begin with.

And also, there is a one other negative factor in regards to this broadcast.

TV Tokyo aired a variety show called "Sora kara ue wo mite miyou (LetsWatch Japan from the Sky)" right before UFC Fight Night and this programscored much higher 7.9% rating so UFC Fight Night couldn't attract many viewersfrom the previous program.

However, viewership on UFC on Wowow is not bad, and this low rating had to bebecause, this fight was televised a week later, after, pretty much every MMAfans found out the results on the internet.

So lets hope TV Tokyo and UFC would learn from this and they would continue towork together in Japan, possibly in a LIVE broadcast format from now on, justlike other sporting events.

Reportby Shu Hirata