SHOOTO BOXING - 04/11/2010: Hisae Watanabe Back in the Ring After Two and Half Years of Absence!

Written by: Shu Hirata

(Hisae Watanabe got married, gave birth toa baby girl then made a come back to the ring)

A former DEEP women's lightweight champion, Hisae Watanabe, finally came backto the ring after two and half years of absence.

She was supposed to face the girl's S-cup champ, a high school sensation, Rena,but due to injury the opponent was changed to Western Japan Glove Karate champMegumi Igawa.

Watanabe had a little bit of trouble landing shots because Igawa was very goodat keeping the distance, but in the second round, Watanabe pressured more, andstarted to land right straight punches and knee shots to the body.

In the third round, when they exchanged punches, Igawa's right straight landedsquarely on Watanabe's face and that fired up the "Joan of Arc ofMMA."

Watanabe closed in, landing a one two combination then knocking down Igawa witha solid right hook. Igawa came back up but Watanabe closed in with a left hookand when Igawa went down to the canvas referee Ryokaku Wada stopped the fight.

After the fight, Watanae grabbed the microphone and in tears, told the fans,"First time in two and half years and honestly I was really scared"then she revealed her next goal, "I came back to fighting because Rena hasbeen provoking me. So actually I wanted to knock her down unconscious."

Rena was in the house as well and apologized to the fans for not being able tofight and hoping to make a return on the June 6th show at Korakuen Hall.

Therefore this comeback fight for Watanabe turned out to be a good promotionfor the show down between her and Rena.

25th Anniversary Series - ISHIN Second Battle
Sunday, April 11th, 2010
At Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

7th Match - Woman's 48 kg & Under Bout 2 min / 3R
Hisae Watanabe (Japan / Ikebukuro BLUE DOG GYM) vs. Megumi Igawa (Japan /Nishin Kaikan Miyahara Dojo)

Winner: 3R 1'25" Hisae Watanabeby TKO (referee stoppage - left hook)

Reportby Shu Hirata
Photo by Nagisa Kamiya (

Hisae Watanabe closed in to land one two combinations.
Hisa Watanabe's left high kick lands on Megumi Igawa.