No Holds Barred: Mark Pavelich on MFC and MMA

Written by: Eddie Goldman
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On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman onceagain speaks with the outspoken and passionate Mark Pavelich, the owner and presidentof the mixed martial arts company, the Maximum Fighting Championship (MFC) (

Their next event is Maximum Fighting 25: Vindication at the Edmonton ExpoCentre at Northlands in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It will be held Friday, May7, and will be televised on HDNet.

Besides discussing this show, we focused on why MFC has remained such asuccessful promotion over the years. In a young business littered with failedcompanies, clueless money marks, and ruthless parasites, that is an exceptionalaccomplishment, especially for a family business like MFC.

In a lengthy and animated interview, we discussed the overall state of mixedmartial arts and why it must be looked at as a sport. We both praised athleteslike MFC lightweight champion Antonio McKee, who is unbeaten in over sevenyears. We examined the crucial relationship between MFC and HDNet, and how manywho claim to be in the mixed martial arts media fail to report on and analyzeproperly this sport and business. Mark Pavelich also explained the plans forexpansion of MFC in both Canada and the U.S., and much more.

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