PROFC and Habib Nurmagomedov

Written by: Eddie Goldman
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(Habib Nurmagomedov)

Here is an article sent us by the Russian MMA organization PROFC providingtheir side of the story about their dispute with their former fighter, HabibNurmagomedov:


Habib Nurmagomedov sustained a defeat

For the last couple of years Habib scored a sport success not only in Russiaand Ukraine, but also in USA. His last fight in UFC octagon caused a furoramong compatriots and fans of Russian MMA. But, as it turned out, thesuccessful fighter is not the only Habib’s role…

The story starts from the first fights of Habib at the PROFC tournaments. Heperformed as a guest athlete and gained a victory after victory.

After three brilliant and successful fights, the PROFC management consideredHabib to be a promising fighter and offered him to sign a long-term contract.On August 4, 2010 both parties had signed documents of mutually beneficialcollaboration. Within the scope of contract Habib participated in 2 fightsamong which there was «ProFC - Battle on Don», and «ProFC - Battle in theCaucasus».

Then events were developing well enough: young athlete confidently added win tohis record table, and PROFC company prepared new combats for the talentedfighter, till a significant day, when PROFC management found out that Habibentered into a contract with American management behind company’s back.

An athlete himself announced in the mass media that he was bound with PROFConly by verbal agreement and he had not signed any contracts.

Naturally, after such statements PROFC made a number of arrangements forclarifying the circumstances of this, as it seemed simple, case.

Meanwhile American organization that signed a contract with Habib was notwasting time and in the beginning of this year sent an athlete to the UFCtournament.

PROFC preliminarily sent warning letters about possible consequences of suchactions to the athlete and his representatives. There was no reaction. Americanmanager, who was promoting Habib at that moment refused to take part in anylitigation and stated that such issues should be settled between company andthe athlete personally.

Later PROFC management faxed letters with the description of the situation tothe Athletic Commission of Nashville State and to the headquarters of UFC.There also was no answer. Thereby, PROFC tried out all available methods ofsolving the problem by peaceful means and had to sue Habib. While a trial hadbeen hold, Habib won a brilliant victory on the UFC tournament. As PROFCmanagement stated, the fact that Habib is an excellent fighter does not givehim a right to breach the contract.

By the time this material is published, The Court has already delivered itsjudgment. A PROFC suit against Habib Nurmagomedov has been satisfied

Habib shall pay penalties to PROFC for the breach of the contract. Also allnecessary measures will be assumed to make Nurmagomedov carry out hisobligations under the contract with PROFC.