Somewhat controversial win for Oropeza at Matrix 5

Written by: Keith Mills
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(Van Artsdalen kicking)

Two Northeast US standouts went head-to-head last weekend at Matrix Fights 5 asBellator/Strikeforce vet Sam Oropeza took on Ring of Combat vet Aung La Nsangwith a slightly controversial outcome. Matrix 5 took place March 16th at the Sheet Metal Union Hall inPhiladelphia, PA.

Although seven of the nine fights were amateur bouts Matrix stand out for thoseinvolved.  With the matchmaker beingAdrian Caplan, wife of Bellator matchmaker Sam Caplan, and the matchmaker ofCFFC Arias Garcia cageside the perception is this promotion will have an impacton at least those shows, similar to how NAAFS has been feeding fighters fromthe OH area into larger shows.  The facethere are few promotions in PA and it is relatively close for the NJ/NY areafighters also gives this show potential, potential for the most part this eventlived up to.

Oropeza starts submissionOropeza starts submissionWith a win in Strikeforce and a loss in Bellator being his last two fightsprior to entering the cage Philadelphia Fight Factory’s Sam Oropeza has quite afollowing.  Aung La Nsang has made animpression for his exciting fights if mixed record, the two of which gohand-in-hand for this fighter who seems to like taking chances.  Round 1 was close with both fighters tryingto take the fight to the mat, Oropeza having the edge with his guillotine chokeattempt and strikes to the face if not his heel hook.  By the end of round 1 Nsang tried to scorewith kicks as if to make up lost ground to make it a close round but stillOropeza’s.  The action quickly returnedto the ground in round 2 with Oropeza going for an early triangle choke whichseemed to be tight.  Nsang arguing callNsang arguing callReferee KeithPeterson later says he checked the arm of Nsang twice and it appeared Nsang wasout so he stopped the fight, the supposed controversy coming when Nsangimmediately got up and protested he was not out.  Regardless of whether Nsang was or was notout the fact he didn’t respond to the referee was a justifiable reason to haltthe fight for the safety of the fighters and Oropeza took the technicalsubmission win.

Van Artsdalen starting submissionVan Artsdalen starting submissionAlso on the card Daddis Fight Camps’ Brylan Van Artsdalen returned from his twolosses in Bellator to pick up a somewhat quick win over Strikeforce vet BillyVaughan.  After a short feeling outprocess Vaughan picked Van Artsdalen up for a slam only to be caught in aguillotine choke, Van Artsdalen’s sixth submission victory of his career.

Matrix 5 results:

Robert Maloy def.Steve Paugh 1:32 R2 by armbar
Ryan Beck def. Tom Plotts 0:47 R1 by triangle choke
Phil Parrish def. Ryan Courtney 1:42 R3 by TKO
Scott Huning def. Evander Russ by unanimous decision
James Cerra def. Chris Tier by split decision
Clinton Plotner def. Carlton Greene by unanimous decision
Joseph Lowery def. Brian Baldwin by unanimous decision
Brylan Van Artsdalen def. Billy Vaughan 2:00 R1 by brabo choke
Sam Oropeza def. Aung La Nsang 0:56 R2 by triangle choke