"UFC Tonight" Show Notes – 3/27/12

Written by: Eddie Goldman


Florian and Helwani Discuss Silva vs. Sonnen and Ortiz vs. Griffin, Jacob"Stitch" Duran’s Recalls Memorable Moments, Florian Sounds Off OnJudging

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LOS ANGELES, CA – On this week’s"UFC Tonight," Host Todd Harris and Analyst Kenny Florian break downthe newly announced Middleweight Championship fight between Anderson Silva andChael Sonnen. Insider Ariel Helwani has the latest on a former contender who ismoving up in weight class. Plus, special guest and legendary UFC Cutman Jacob"Stitch" Duran talks about his most memorable KO and his experiencesin the red corner.

Quote of the Week: "UFC Tonight" Analyst Kenny Florian on UFC 147Silva vs. Sonnen: "Without a doubt this will be the biggest fight in UFChistory. The arena in Brazil seats at least 80,000 people. That alone makes itthe biggest event in UFC history. Silva, pound-for-pound the best fighter inthe world and the biggest trash talker in the world, Sonnen. This is a hugeevent. I can’t wait to see it."

"UFC Tonight" Insider Ariel Helwani on Silva vs. Sonnen: "Ispoke with Chael’s manager Mike Roberts who told me when they go back to Brazilhe thinks everything will be alright come June. They don’t expect any problems.Silva’s manger said everything will be ok, but he does think it’s time for Chaelto back-up everything he has said about Brazil. I think it’s going to be thebiggest fight in UFC history."

Florian on the Ortiz vs. Griffin trilogy: "Ortiz has to get out on thepunches and get the respect from Griffin early in the fight. For Forrest, hehas a high volume striking game, he is a heavy kicker, he can go upstairs,downstairs and he is very diverse. For him, if he can get in on the body shots,he will take out a guy like Ortiz."

Florian on Ortiz’ last fight: "We know that this is Ortiz’s last fight. Hewants to go out on top. I think he really deserves it. For Griffin, he wants toget back on track and establish himself as the top light heavyweight of theworld."

Florian on who should fight Jose Aldo: "Hatsu Hioki should be thecontender. He is the number-two featherweight in the world. He has the reach,length and experience to give Aldo a hard time."

Helwani on who should fight Aldo: "Hioki doesn’t want the fight. I thinkthe UFC should wait for the FUEL TV fight with Chan Sung Jung vs. DustinPoirier to happen and if Poirier wins on May 15, he should fight Aldo on July21."

Jacob "Stitch" Duran on his most memorable KO: "Barry withKongo. Kongo got knocked out, then Barry was knocked out. Pat Barry asked mewhat happened and I told him ‘you got knocked out,’ and he asked again whathappened and I told him, ‘you got knocked out.’ Then he asked a third time andthen he understood."

Florian on "Stitch" in his corner: "I remember when I foughtSean Sherk and when I hit him on the forehead, he was bleeding so bad that Ithought I was bleeding. "Stitch" was cleaning me up with a towel, andthen we realized, I wasn’t even cut, but there was that much blood."

"Stitch" on what it’s like in the red corner: "I get to see theagony of defeat and the thrill of victory. It’s tough either way. Winning youhave to give them support, losing you have to give them support."

"Stitch" on the biggest wimp in the UFC: "There are no wimps inthis game. These guys are all gladiators. I do remember one time, I wrapped BJPenn’s hands, and then he started complaining because tape was pulling on hishair. I thought that was funny, but there are no wimps in this game by anymeans."

"Stitch" on which boxer would be the best UFC fighter: "EvanderHolyfield. He is such a stand up fighter and he could bang against just aboutanyone."

Florian gives his opinion on judging in MMA: "It needs to be more clearwhat winning a round really means, which will make it less open tointerpretation. Let’s force these judges to educate themselves. Anyone whowants to be a judge needs a year of apprenticeship in the sport at a pro level.Third, let’s give them a way to block out crowd noise. Drunk fans ‘oooing’ and‘ahhing’ shouldn’t have an effect on judges’ perception. Finally, we to need requireTV monitors across the board. Judges sitting Octagon side can’t get all theangles. Every aspect of the system can and should be improved. It’s the ugliestpart of this great sport and it’s time we start judging the judges."

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