K-1 - The World’s Most Exciting and Prestigious Martial Arts Fighting Sport Announces More Than Two Million Dollars in Prize Money in 2012

Written by: Eddie Goldman

From K-1 GlobalHoldings:

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today,the new “K-1 Production Team” announced the rise of the prestigious martialarts fighting sport “K-1,” offering millions of devoted fans and new audiencesan established world-class brand of combat.

K-1 lets a wide array of the world’s best stand up fighters square off face toface, bringing together their own techniques born from Karate, Kickboxing, MuayThai, Taekwondo, Savate, San Shou, and other martial arts. Few other sportsshare the global interest, elaborate showmanship and the popularity of K-1,along with the deep spirituality and ritualism practiced over centuries by millionsof martial artists.


Seven major, worldwide K-1 heavyweight (K-1 World GP) and K-1 middleweight (K-1World MAX) events are planned for 2012, where the world’s top warriors willbattle in a survival series of explosive, three-round, single-eliminationfights.

•May 27th - K-1 officially rises with a spectacular K-1 Tournament andCelebration at the Palacio Vista Aletre in Madrid, Spain, as we begin thesearch for the world’s best fighters.

•June-October - Tournaments span the globe with events in the US, Europe andAsia.

•September – US Regional Tournament takes place in Los Angeles.

•October – The K-1 World GP Final 16 takes place in Asia.

•November - The K-1 World MAX Final takes place in Asia, with a $300,000 GrandPrize (total prize money for MAX: $500,000).

•December - The K-1 World Grand Prix Final in New York City, with a ONE MILLIONDOLLAR grand prize (total prize money for WGP: $1,500,000).


Over the next few weeks, K-1 Production Team will be releasing full details ofeach event in 2012, including locations around the world, venues andparticipating fighters. For more information and to check schedules pleasevisit http://www.k-1.tv.

About K-1 Global Holdings Limited: Since 31st January 2012, K-1 Global HoldingsLimited has been working to rebuild the K-1 brand, by bringing together a widearray of world-class fighters, top global venues, sponsors and broadcasters,and assembling a global organization and management team.