Despite changes WMMA pay-per-view still on for Saturday

Written by: Keith Mills
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(Sean McCorkle)

It is hard to believe startup promotions are still trying for televisionpay-per-view but that is exactly what Worldwide MMA will attempt Saturdaynight.  The difference with this event ismaking a difference as WMMA will donate proceeds to the Wounded WarriorProject, a non-profit group assisting wounded veterans.  WMMA 1 takes place March 31st at the DonHaskins Center in El Paso, TX with an undercard webstreamed on the promotion’swebsite and the main card broadcast as a pay-per-view.

Since his 1-2 run in the UFC ended just one year ago Sean McCorkle has beenunstoppable at 6-0, partly because his opponents haven’t been nearly thecaliber needed to test him.  So far thisyear alone McCorkle defeated Mike Gordon in NAAFS, Mike Williams in LOF, andmost recently Richard White in Bellator, all by submission.  Now in the main event of this show McCorkletakes on KOTC and XFO vet Brian Heden who by contrast has lost his only fightso far this year and in the time since McCorkle left the UFC has gone 1-1, hiswin being over Richard White by arm-triangle choke.

Karo ParisyanKaro ParisyanThe rest of the card would be good for a promotion’s debut and would be averagefor a webcast pay-per-view but for a televised one has let’s say interestingmatchmaking.  Since leaving the UFC inless than ideal circumstances Karo Parisyan has gone further downhill withlosses to Ryan Ford and Jordan Smith in 2011. Now supposedly off painkillers Parisyan takes on one of the mostexperienced “gatekeepers” in Thomas Denny. Thomas DennyThomas DennyAfter high-profile losses to Nick Diaz and Pat Miletich Denny has mainlybeen seen cornering Bryan Baker in Bellator but still picked up a draw and aloss in 2011 in MFC.  Parisyan in hisprime was an exciting fighter known for his judo but in recent fights he hasseemed to have a hard time adapting to change, Denny may have a more mixedrecord but is more consistent in his skills. Assuming Parisyan is anywhere close to his former skills this should bea relatively one-sided fight for Karo but Denny definitely has a chance.

Drew FickettDrew FickettUFC vet Drew Fickett despite riding a four-loss streak should have a quickfight against Knabijian who is known for his losses in WEC and BFC, not so muchfor his wins in his last two fights.  Fickettwas last seen losing to Jamie Varner in XFC just seven weeks ago.

Lyle BeerbohmLyle BeerbohmLikewise Lyle Beerbohm is coming off two losses in Strikeforce however thoseare his only two losses in seventeen fights while evidently his third opponentCleburn Walker (at this time) is on a four-loss streak in shows like XFL andFight Me MMA.

Paul BuentelloPaul BuentelloArguably the most interesting fight is the headline to the webstreamedundercard with UFC vets Darrill Schoonover fighting former KOTC champion andUFC title contender Paul Buentello. Schoonover’s five-loss streak ended with his last fight, a TKO of AdamPadilla last July while Buentello was last seen losing a unanimous decision tocurrent BFC champion Cole Konrad last August.

Undercard (webstream on

Lionel Lanham vs. Brad Peterson
Deutsch Pu’u
vs. Esteves Jones
Frank Gomez
vs. Chris Gruetzemacher
Darrill Schoonover
vs. PaulBuentello

Main card (pay-per-view):

Rodney Wallace vs. Derrick Mehmen
Jamaine Facey
vs. Willie Parks
Drew Fickett
vs. Kevin Knabijian
Lyle Beerbohm
vs. Cleburn Walker
Thomas Denny
vs. Karo Parisyan
Sean McCorkle
vs. Brian Heden