PANCRASE - 05/20/2012: In Okinawa Again!

Written by: Shu Hirata

Pancrase is going back to Okinawa for the first time inalmost four years.

And the first card the promotion announced is a fight of Kikuyo Ishikawa.

This totally make sense because Ishikawa is from Okinawa and she is the veryfirst woman MMA fighter out of Okinawa as well.

On top of this, her opponent is a fighter that is actually getting a prettygood attention from the Japanese fight media because she is only 16 years old.Her name is Shino VanHoose.

Her father is American and mother is Japanese. VanHoose family moved to UK whenshe was five-year old and in UK is where she discovered BJJ. After Shino andher family moved back to Japan she joined Paraestra Hachiouji. She did coupleof amateur fights in Pancrase last year then made a pro debut in earlier thismonth, and defeated "sakura" via armbar.

However Ishikawa already has nine pro fights under her belt. Won four out oflast five fights, and in her last fight Ishikawa took top-ranked, undefeatedNaho "Sugi Rock" Sugiyama to a split decision. Obviously beatingIshikawa in her home ground is a tall order for Shiho but this also means its ahuge opportunity for this "high school fighter" as well.

Pancrase also announced many fighters from Okinawa such as Tatsuya So andMitsuhisa Sunabe are confirmed to fight in this show.

Sunday, May 20th, 2012
At Koza Music Town Otoichiba 3F, Okinawa, Japan
Doors Open - 15:30 / Fight Starts - 16:30

Confirmed Cards (Subject to Change):

Straw-weight Athena Rules Bout 5 min / 2R 
Shino VanHoose (Japan /Paraestra Hachiouji) vs. KikuyoIshikawa (Japan / Reversal Yokohama Grand Slam)

Confirmed Fighters:
Mitsuhisa Sunabe(Japan / TEAM reversal) 
Tatsuya So (Japan / Toushin) 
Shinya Irei (Japan / Wajiu-tsuKeishu-kai HEARTS) 
Kazuma Sone (Japan / Shimura Dojo)
Kohei Tokeshi (Japan / Corss PointKichijouji) 
Shinya Kumazawa (Japan /Toushin) 
Kyoko Kimura (Japan / SakaguchiDojo) 


Ticket Prices:
SS - 6,500 yen / A - 6,000 yen / B - 5,500 yen / Standing - 5,000 yen 
*500 yen more at the door. Children before first grade are free.
**must purchase one drink.

Reportby Shu Hirata