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Written by: Eddie Goldman
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From The MMA ShowLive:

Birmingham, UK – April 2, 2012 - KOBullying has joined forces with The MMA Show Live, becoming their OfficialChildren’s Charity Partner. The partnership is designed to raise awareness forthe campaign amongst the UK’s MMA fan base. The MMA Show Live is being held May12 - 13 at The NEC in Birmingham.

Supported by UK charity Kidscape, KO Bullying is an inspirational campaign withone aim, to put a stop to bullying by promoting respect, understanding andself-confidence. The sad facts are that 1 in 12 children in the UK will bebullied so badly this year that it impacts their education, whilst 14 youthsuicides a year are directly linked to bullying.

By working with both the bullies and their victims, KO Bullying aims to teachand promote the principles of mixed martial arts, which are based on respectfor oneself and others. Already fighters such as Ross Pearson, Dean Amasingerand Brad Pickett have pledged their support to the campaign. All of who will behelping to raise awareness for the campaign at The MMA Show Live.

Matt Walton, president for KO Bullying, said: "Martial Arts when taughtcorrectly is great for teaching confidence and respect to replace fear, angerand low self esteem. It is a void that can’t always be filled by teachers orparents and one that unfortunately leads to bullying and aggressive behavior.By teaching MMA we can promote discipline, respect and confidence to createyoung people with a greater awareness of themselves and others."

"I’m delighted that The MMA Show Live is supporting the campaign. Our goalnow is to raise awareness and funds so we can begin to roll out pilot workshopsacross the country. I’ve no doubt that MMA can have a positive impact onsociety, in particular our younger generations."

KO Bullying will be hosting several training sessions at The MMA Show Live forchildren attending with their families. The sessions will be coordinated by thelikes of Brad Pickett, Ross Pearson and Dean Amasinger, who are ambassadors forthe campaign.

The MMA Show Live will also be hosting a very special prize draw on the finalday of the expo where one lucky winner will walk away with a plethora oflimited edition and signed merchandise donated by the exhibitors and fightersattending the show.

Liam Fisher, the organizer of The MMA Show Live said "We are very excitedto be working with KO Bullying to help raise awareness and money for such agreat campaign. It is a personal goal of mine to show the general public of theUK that MMA can be a very positive part of people’s lives. The MMA communityshould do things to raise the profile of this great sport. I am deeplypassionate about this campaign in particular. I truly believe that MMA is theperfect sport to help build confidence and teach discipline to children."

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About KO Bullying:

The Aim:

Promote the building of confidence through participation in action sports.

The Background:
Low levels of confidence and self-esteem are at the heart of bullying.KO Bullying is dedicated to helping people of all ages to build confidence.Easy understandable steps is the key milestone in helping develop confidence,self respect and respect for others. Having a higher level of self-respect andself-esteem not only allows people to excel and feel positive, but also allows themto recognize their behavior and attitude towards others.

About The MMA Show Live:
The MMA Show Live is a bi-yearly interactive fan experience dedicatedto mixed martial arts from around the World. Populating a second hall at theNEC in Birmingham alongside The Martial Arts Show Live, The MMA Show Liveconsists of five training areas where some of the biggest names in the businesswill host special group training sessions, a huge stage & screen forQ&A sessions, an autograph zone where fans can meet their favorite fightersand exhibition stands where some of the biggest brands in MMA will be sellingmerchandise and much, much more.