Jadyson Costa fights for Brazilian pride at EFC AFRICA 13

Written by: Eddie Goldman


Johannesburg (South Africa) – On 13April, Jadyson ‘Little Wanderlei’ Costa will fight for the EFC AFRICAwelterweight title. Originally from Parana, Brazil, Costa now lives in CapeTown, South Africa, where he competes in Africa’s biggest MMA promotion, EFCAFRICA.

As the only Brazilian-born athlete currently contracted to EFC AFRICA, Costacarries the hopes of an entire nation on his shoulders as he prepares for histitle bout. Even though Costa now resides in Cape Town, the host city for EFCAFRICA 13, his opponent and current champion Dallas Jakobi is a South African,which means Costa needs all the support he can get! If successful, Costa willbecome the new EFC AFRICA welterweight champion and the first EFC AFRICAchampion born outside of Africa.

How to watch Jadyson Costa fight for an African title

All 13 bouts at EFC AFRICA 13 are available via online pay-per-view. Costa’schampionship bout will be the last bout of the evening. EFC AFRICA 13 starts at17:40 South African time (12:40 in Brazil). The last three main card boutsbegin at 22:30 SA time (17:30 BRT). The first two undercard bouts are free,then purchase the rest of the card for $24.85. Alternatively, buy 8 undercardfights for $12.10 or the three main card bouts for $15.93. Visit efcafrica.com to purchase.

About Jadyson Costa
Age: 30
Record: 12-12
Division: Welterweight
Fights out of: African Top Team

Costa came to South Africa in early 2011 to teach Brazilian jiu-jitsu and alsopursue his other love, surfing. After falling for Cape Town’s natural beautyand friendly, cosmopolitan culture, Costa decided to stay for good. He becamean MMA instructor at Pride Fighting Academy and put his skills to the test byjoining EFC AFRICA. Costa has defeated two opponents at EFC AFRICA so far;first was Wade Henderson at EFC 10, then James Rennie at EFC 11. Both victoriesearned him Submission of the Night. He now faces welterweight champion DallasJakobi at EFC 13.

Back in Brazil, Costa was a member of the legendary Chute Boxe Academy inCuritiba. Renowned for producing devastating strikers, Chute Boxe was an elitetraining ground for Vale Tudo fighters such as Wanderlei ‘The Axe Murderer’Silva, Murilo ‘Ninja’ Rua and Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua.

"I was 23 when I was invited to Chute Boxe," says Costa. "Theytold me that if I survived the first week I would be accepted into the ChuteBoxe team. After just one day I thought they were trying to kill me and thatthey weren’t joking about my chances of survival!"

Costa survived Chute Boxe for six years, steadily improving his skills andfighting spirit. Competing alongside the likes of Wanderlei and Shogun andbeing accepted as part of the team marked Costa as one of the world’s elitefighters. After an incredible run of 4 knockouts in five fights, all by way ofsoccer kicks or head stomps, he was given the nickname ‘Little Wanderlei’ by aBrazilian Vale Tudo website. From then on, he vowed to live up to the name.

Eventually Costa’s brutal ability caught the attention of Pride FightingChampionship, the Japan-based MMA organisation which had already madeinternational superstars out of his Chute Boxe teammates. Contracts were signedand Costa boarded a plane for the Far East. For six months, he lived andtrained with elite MMA fighters from Japan and beyond, even swapping techniquesand tactics with the esteemed Kazushi Sakuraba. On 15 February 2004, Costafought Takanori Gomi at the Yokohama Arena but succumbed to a barrage ofpunches at the end of round one. Despite the loss, fighting in front of 50 000spectators remains one of Costa’s proudest achievements. Costa now lives andtrains in South Africa and hopes to become EFC AFRICA welterweight champion on13 April at EFC AFRICA 13.

About EFC AFRICA™ – The ExtremeFighting Championship™:
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EFC AFRICA™ events are broadcast live in 49 countries on
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