"UFC 145 Postfight Show on FUEL TV" Notes For UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans

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The following are quotes from the "UFC 145 Postfight Show on FUEL TV"about UFC 145: JONES VS EVANS. Jay Glazer hosted the show, with UFC Middleweightfighter Brian Stann serving as analyst. UFC fighter Dan Henderson joined theshow to talk about the fight. Karyn Bryant conducted exclusive postfightinterviews backstage in Atlanta, GA. Here’s some of what was said:

"UFC 145 Postfight Show on FUEL TV" Analyst Brian Stann on Jones vs.Evans: "Jon Jones controlled the range, he controlled the space and hecontrolled the pace of this fight. He was very unpredictable with front kicks,low kicks, high kicks and most importantly the elbows. But we couldn’t countout the challenger. Evans countered him with several overhand rights and lefthooks. Overall it was a great performance."

Stann on Rashad Evans: "We never really saw an established set-up,take-down attempt from Rashad Evans. It seems more like his game play was toskirt the perimeter for the Octagon, lure Jon Jones in and try to counter punchhim with an over hand or a left hook."

Exclusive postfight interview with Rashad Evans about his performance: "Itsucked, I didn’t get the job done, but it’s a lesson and you learn. It’s thefight business and this is what happens sometimes. I just have to do what I do,to come back stronger and keep my head up. I was able to catch him a coupletimes. I don’t think I was persistent enough on my attack. I allowed his rangeand stuff like that to throw me off. I hurt my foot in the second round, sothat messed up my mobility a little bit. But even then, I knew the combinationsI should have thrown to catch him and I didn’t do that, so it’s something I needto go back and work on."

Evans on taking Jones down: "He is pretty hard to take down especially inan open cage. I had my opportunities, but I didn’t size upon them. There arethings I need to work on. Whenever you fight like this and you lose, you have fiverounds of footage to look over and try to clean up some mistakes you madebefore."

Evans on his relationship with Jones: "I still don’t like him. He fought agood fight and I have respect for him as a fighter, but I still don’t…but wewill fight again."

Dan Henderson on Jones vs. Evans: "I thought Rashad fought Jon Jones’fight and you can’t do that against someone like Jones, who is going to pickyou apart. I don’t think Rashad came in and had a solid take-down attempt. Idon’t really think he utilized wrestling and that’s what he is best at, ismixing it up and taking guys down. Jones did a great job picking himapart."

Jon Jones’ Trainer Greg Jackson on the fight: "I thought Jones gave agreat performance. Rashad is so super tough. He is such a great warrior that hewouldn’t give in when Jon was trying to completely take over the fight, and Ithink that is a testament to how strong Rashad is."

Stann on MacDonald vs. Mills: "What we saw here was Rory MacDonald justimpose his will from start to finish. Mills is a great striker, but here is thedifference. MacDonald is great everywhere, he’s not just a good striker, hedoesn’t just have good ground and pound or good wrestling. He is greateverywhere and that’s why everyone is talking about the show."

Rory MacDonald on fighting against Mills: "I did see some mistakes [in mygame]; my distance control was a bit off. A big thing was my experience in thisfight. I am still learning small little details and I was very nervous for thefight, being the co-main event. I am usually the underdog and I wasn’t thistime, so I am adjusting to that. I put a lot of pressure on myself, because Ihad to win."

Ben Rothwell on the importance of his fight: "Tonight was all or nothingfor me. If I didn’t win I was considering retirement, because there are noexcuses for my past performances in UFC. It was training camps; I had the wrongpeople around me. And I changed that obviously. Now I have the best coaches Ihave ever had in my life. I am beginning to really exploit my skills I am hereto stay and I feel like this is the beginning."

Michael McDonald on fighting Miguel Angel Torres: "It’s an incrediblehonor and I am so stoked. This is a fight I have wanted for such a long time. Iwas watching this guy on TV four years ago. It’s like I’m star struck. I haveseen this guy for four years on TV and now he is standing across the cage fromme. It was an amazing experience."

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