Uriah Hall headlines ROC 40 Friday night

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(Uriah Hall)

Regardless of what one thinks of Ring of Combat’s belts a ROC show with notitle fights is almost unheard of, “almost” because that is what ROC 40has.  Despite this the pay-per-view onGoFightLive is well worth checking out. ROC 40 takes place April 27th at the Tropicana Resort and Casino.

Former champion Uriah Hall is one of the fan favorites at ROC as he brings ahighly aggressive style that has led to none of his wins going to thejudges.  Now 6-2 Hall is coming off aheel hook win over Daniel Akinyemi in February, Hall’s second win in arow.  Also 6-2 Dominique Steel is bestknown for his win over Chris Mierzwiak in Strikeforce which he followed up withtwo more wins before taking a loss to David Branch in his most recentfight.  Hall is definitely the favoriteto win this main event but Steel is tough competition in a fight of localfavorite vs. out-of-towner sure to excite the fans.

Marvin EastmanMarvin EastmanROC are known for producing UFC fighters but not many UFC vets go to ROC,especially those who haven’t fought there before.  Marvin Eastman has had a rocky road sinceleaving the UFC going 2-6 since the Ultimate Fighter 7 finale in October2008.  Eastman was last seen losing toGlover Teixeira by KO last August in Shooto Brazil, his seventh by KO/TKO whichis surprising considering Eastman is known for his striking.  In the same time since Eastman has been outof the UFC Dmitry Zabolotny has gone 10-2 for an overall record of 14-4 mostrecently finding an armbar to defeat Oleg Tinins last November.  This fight should be interesting but isanother “play to the fans” fight with angles of Russia vs. the US and aging UFCvet (Eastman is 40) vs. young gun.

The rest of the card is the expected but noteworthy mix of local gyms fromPellegrino MMA to Team Serra/Longo to Team Tiger Schulmann.  Readers may not recognize the names of thefighters yet but odds are they will by next year.

ROC 40:

Andrew Harrison vs. Epifano Diaz
Walter Howard
vs. Michael Andrillo
Matthew Rizzo
vs. Daniel Carbonel
Ed Gordon
vs. Ryan Contaldi
David Jordan
vs. Pat Defranco
Chris Wade
vs. Maykon Santos
Nabih Barakat
vs. Mervin Rodriguez
Ryan Vaccaro
vs. Billy Vaughan
Christopher Wing
vs. Stephen Govan
Daniel Akinyemi
vs. Brett Linebarger
Marvin Eastman
vs. Dmitry Zabolotny
Carlos Brooks
vs. Danny Babcock
Uriah Hall
vs. Dominique Steele