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Written by: Kid Peligro
Mendes Grand OpeningMendes Grand Opening


The Mendes Bros announce the Grand Opening of their new academy in Costa Mesa. The event will be right after the Worlds 2012, check out the announcement below:

Grand Opening with free seminar with many champions and presence of many BJJ starts - June, 04th.

Our training facility has over 6,400 square feet, with two separate mat rooms, complete mens and women locker rooms, laundry service, strength and conditioning fitness area, private parking lot, official MB store and free wireless lounge. 


Beginners class

Fundamental class

Advanced class

Competition class

Womens class

Self defense class

Kids & teens program


Waived registration fee

Discounts for pre registration

Free entry to the grand opening seminar

Pre-registration and more info here: Mendes Bros

World Expo 2012

Despite the fiasco of the cancelled Superfight between Nick Diaz and Braulio Estima due to a no show by Diaz, the World Expo 2012 was, by most accounts a success. Visitors, competitors and vendors alike were all stoked with the event and are looking forward to next year. The tournament held by the IBJJF was super slick as all IBJJF tournaments are, the Superfights were exciting and there was a large public turnout and many of the BJJ stars were present either supporting the event or competing in it.

Big congratulations to the promoters and to the sport for having an event as such!

Rangers Return to Alliance Headquarters

Alliance leader Romero "Jacare" has been busy not only preparing his "troops" for the Worlds 2012 conducting regular training and the Worlds Camp but he is also preparing "real troops" the Rangers for their incredible duties. "Jacare" conducts regular training session with the Rangers at his main Alliance Headquarters in Atlanta, Ga

Atos Team gets added reinforcements

Calasans and "Gigante"Calasans and "Gigante"
Galvao with Calasans and "Gigante"

Andre Galvao's Atos San Diego Academy has already amassed a competition training team to rival just about any, with the likes of Galvao, Gui and Rafa Mendes,  Ricardo "Demente", Mike Fowler and Ronis Gracie and ladies Kyra Gracie and Tracey Goodel, the daily training sessions are off the richter level. But now the team just got reinforcements with the addition of former World Pro Absolute Champion Claudio Calasans and runner up to Andre at this years World Pro Vitor "Gigante".

Lone Star BJJ Tournament

The LONE STAR STATE JIU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP goes down in Texas on July 22nd 2012. The tournament organized by the will be held at the Texas Women’s University in Denton , TX . The University is located at 1600 N. Bell Avenue Denton , TX 76209. For more info check out the poster or go to their website

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